Carré Pralines

The Pralines


The surprising combination of Cylon tea, liquorice, lemon grass, limes confer to the chocolate a refreshing aroma and a lively touch.


The black seeds provide a fantastic vanilla flavour. The milk chocolate and a hint of sea salt provide a pleasant caramel flavour.


Soft milk chocolate conceals the magnificent Azian herb mixture and bring it to a perfect match. Decorated with the finest Legendary coffee.


The silky taste of the tonkabeans and the roasted sesame seeds add an extra dimension to the dipped in milk chocolate praline.


The taste pallet is based on a lavender infusion from the Provence with a layer of milk chocolate.
A Mediterranean taste!


A subtle milk chocolate ganache. Ranging from intense cocoa to creamy milk. Enjoy the soft, sweet touch of the rose and the slightly acid touch of raspberries.


With the sour taste of the passionfruit together with the soft silk mouth sensation of the hazelnut paste, the freshness of the fennel seeds give this full milk chocolate a healthy summer boost.


Anis and tarragon are the main players in this dark ganache. The combination of these two products gives this dark ganache a remarkable experience.


To let the flavour of the ‘Carib’ coco’s fully come into its own, I chose a dark chocolate. These two powerful flavours are brought in balance with lemon.


Gingerbread ganache dipped in dark Tanzania chocolate.


Both leaves and flowers are used in this ganache topped with dark chocolate. A twist of orange also refers to a southern pallet.


The acacia honey in sweet harmony with our rosemary is a combination that melts in your mouth. Together with a soft dark chocolate it makes everything perfect.


The Sao Thomé origin chocolate presents a strong personality with a mix of floral aromas and subtle impression of coffee beans. The jasmine flower and the roasted sesame seeds confer an exotic opulence.


Ginger has a special flavour palette. Combined with dark chocolate we can talk about a healthy praline.


A ganache of herbs, an infusion of  cinnamon, ginger, clove and orange with dark chocolate from Ghana. Well balanced tastes with a fruity character, rich in spices.


The sweet and sour aspect of the Bergamot fruit and the pronounced infusion of the Early Grey, merged with the bitter chocolate taste brings a surprisingly intense sensation.