Bart Van Cauwenberghe has been working for more than 25 years with finest Belgian chocolate.
In the chocolate-studio, knowledge and craftmanship are used to create the perfect pralines.

As TASTE DESIGNER, Chef Bart has guided companies like Hershey USA, Cadbury Kraft, Inbev beer & chocolate, Whiskey book and many others in their quest for taste.
He is a popular speaker at conferences and events. The step to having access to his cacao plantation in Trinidad was a natural progression.
Till today, Bart Van Cauwenberghe is one of the driving forces at keeping the Belgian chocolate designers at an exemplary level.

Artisan Knowledge

A deep rooted knowlegde of artisan practices are at the basis of the taste explosions you will experience with every bite you take.

Contemporary Originality

Tastes evolve… ! Bart is often exposed to the differences in international flavour appreciations. These experiences are transformed into new contemporary chocolate creations.


No professionalisme without PASSION. You can only create these chocolate beauties when you are driven by absolute PASSION.

Inspire for Perfection

As a Belgian Chocolate Ambassador, Bart is a true inspiration for all who is looking for chocolate perfection.